Aug 21

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


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  1. Multiple Mummy

    That is really cute but all I want to ask is what is in the little one’s baby grow? Does he have a tail? x

    1. Kelly

      Hehe, she had just had nappy change and it was still open!

  2. Julia Skinner

    This is just gorgeous. Save it to show them in later years!

  3. Paula Fazekas

    Aw – i love the arm round the back 🙂

  4. Mags

    That is so sweet! What a lovely moment to capture 🙂

  5. Being Mum and Dad

    Bless, that is so cute

  6. Crystal Jigsaw

    I don’t think many words are needed for this picture, apart from AWWWWW. Gorgeous.

    CJ xx

  7. Nicki Cawood

    Now THAT is cute 🙂
    Kieran & Taylor (5yrs & 8m) are already firm friends and Kieran loves looking after his little brother.

  8. Alexander Residence

    What a lovely protective gesture. One to show them down the line whenever they squabble?

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