Oct 30

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday Was inspired by Mocha Beanie Mummy

Silent Sunday


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  1. Mum of one

    You gotta admire them

  2. Multiple Mummy

    What is everyone camping for? Is there a massive sale? x

    1. Kelly

      They are Protesters. x

  3. Cat (Yellow Days)

    Bet they’re chilly!

    1. Kelly

      Not many of them were out of their tents yesterday when I went past!

  4. Pinkoddy

    What are they hoping to achieve?

    1. Kelly

      Awareness apparently, they are peaceful protesters. To do with the occupations across the world regarding financial situations!

  5. Kerry Davies (@thelovebump)

    pfffttt!! protesting in the rain – bad times x

  6. LauraCYMFT

    I thought they were waiting for Debenhams to open!

  7. Emily (@AMummyToo)

    It’s going to get really tough for them in the coming weeks. Ouch.

  8. Notmyyearoff

    Thats a lot of protestors. I never realised they stretched so far!

  9. Kate, WitWitWoo

    i managed 4 days at Camp Bestival and that was enough 😉

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