Feb 26

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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  1. Paula Fazekas

    Pancake day! So what did you have on yours?

    1. Kelly

      We all had bolognaise ones first and then I opted for lemon and sugar and a chocolate spread one. There rest stuck to the chocolate!

  2. older mum (in a muddle)


  3. Herding Cats


  4. Louise / One Epic Holiday

    chocolate with caramel spread – oh my!! sounds lovely

    1. Kelly

      It really is!

  5. sarahmumof3

    ohhh pancake toppings, you had the same as us classic jiff lemon and chocolate you can’t beat it!

    1. Kelly

      The children and Hubby love the chocolate, but I have to have at least one lemon and sugar!

  6. Emma

    Love the sound of that chocolate caramel spread! Emma 🙂

    1. Kelly

      It is Devine!

  7. Mammasaurus

    I missed Pancake Day this year! Can you believe it!

    1. Kelly

      We missed Pancake Day, so had them thursday and Friday to make up for it!

  8. Love All Blogs

    Syrup! You need Syrup!

  9. Multiple Mummy

    Bet you had fab pancakes! Never seen that amazing spread before but I want some! x

  10. Emily (@amummytoo)

    Pancakes? That spread sounds nom.

  11. geekmummy

    Oooh! Pancakes! We’ve had them twice this week, although syrup is the kids’ topping of choice in this house 🙂

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