May 13

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday was created by Mocha Beanie Mummy and is linked up over on Love All Blogs!



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  1. Frankie Parker

    Oh yuck, my worst nightmare… can do bugs and spiders but not slugs!!

  2. brinkofbedlam

    I don’t really like slugs, but I have to admit this is a fantastic photograph. I hope it’s in macro, or that is an absolutely HUGE slug! :O)

  3. Kelly Wiffin (@charliechinuk)

    Nothing wrong with slugs 😉

  4. Claire T (@needaphone)

    OOOh did you have a slug race ?

  5. pinkoddy

    What a great close up. I think you made him look so good.

  6. Herding Cats

    Nice weather for slugs.

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