Jul 15

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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  1. Rebecca

    Oh no! That looks painful. Hope all better now.

    1. Kel

      Still a nasty mark but she is getting there thank you!

  2. Bod for tea

    Ouch! Curly Girl is always ending up with bashes and bruises, hope it gets better soon x

    1. Kel

      Thank you x

  3. charliemoos

    I have the same pic of Olive this week!! And a similar one of Megan but her’s was pouring with blood and needed stitches!! Children argh … door frame??

    1. Kel

      Yep, them pesky door frames always getting in the way! Hope Olive is ok 🙂

  4. Louise Lloyd

    🙁 such a poorly bump! Hoe you used the ouch sign lots, (And hope its looking better now) Poor Mouse! Xx

    1. Kel

      Looking much better now, just a small graze left! 🙂

  5. jaynecrammond

    Oh no, that looks like a big ol' owie :-( I hope not too many tears were shed.

    1. Kel

      Ooo there were lots of tears, but were calmed by a cold compress and a hot dog! 🙂

  6. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Oh poor thing, I do hope it goes down soon x

    1. Kel

      Thank you, the lump has gone now, just been left with a graze!

  7. sciencesparks

    oh dear, what happened there?

    1. Kel

      A trip into a door frame I am afraid!

  8. Emily (@amummytoo)

    Ohhh, poor little mite. Hope that bruise is fading already x

    1. Kel

      It is thank you! 🙂

  9. LauraCYMFT

    ooo that does look sore. Bumps on the head always look much nastier than grazed knees, don’t they?!

    1. Kel

      YEp, it’s the lumps that come up I think, all lump no blood!

  10. The Mummy Adventure

    poor little person x

  11. ninjakillercat

    Ouch hope she’s on the mend now xx

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