Mar 06

Silent Sunday



Silent Sunday


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  1. MuddynoSugar

    Oh dear, I hope the medicine is helping x

  2. Jenny paulin

    Oh no is it you who is still poorly? Hope you or they soon feel a lot better xx

    1. Kelly

      Thank you!
      Unfortunately it is a mixture of poorliness! The kids and me!

  3. Nicki Cawood

    Man Flu? Nothing more serious I hope?!

  4. Mummy Bean

    Oh no,

    Hope you all feel better soon 🙂

  5. Liz Burton

    Oh no, hope everyone’s well soon x

  6. mumfordandsons4real

    Hmmmm pill supper not nice

  7. All for Aleyna

    Get well soon x

  8. spudballoo

    oh dear, that photo says too much 🙁 poor all of you x

  9. Him Up North

    That is what is known as a pharmacopia. Hope you get better really soon.

  10. TheBoyandMe

    Oh dear, someone looks rather poorly. Hope the patient feels better soon.

  11. Sarah

    that looks very similar to my last weeks Silent Sunday. Not nice 🙁

  12. Kelly

    Thank you for the lovely messages. Unfortunately it’s three out of the four in the house that are poorly! A mixture of ear infections, tummy bugs and colds!

  13. willest

    Get well wishes being sent your way from us at Edspire

  14. Run DMT

    Poor thing! That’s a whole lot of cold meds. I hope you feeling better by now.


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