Space Wars Review

In this house we have two massive fans and two fairly big fans of a certain wars in space film franchise, anything that is remotely linked or appears like it could be linked in the eyes of the little two is very welcome here! So, when we were asked to have a look at the Space Wars Aerovane target blaster – we of course did a great big jump at the chance!

It is from Map Toys and have an age rating of 4 years plus. In the box you get the space blaster, bullet, bullet clip and the Aerovane with Alien targets. It requires 2 x AA batteries17354813_10154191127981780_992597143_n

On receiving it there was some minimal construction.  There is two stands, the motor and the vane to be put together to make the aerovane; It is easy to put together and was really quick too – which was good because the youngest members of the family were getting impatient to play! The Alien targets are magnets and just ‘stick’ to the vane.

The rest is even easier, you switch on the motor and the vane spins round – then it is as simple as load, aim and fire! The aim is to shoot of the aliens (and save the world!!).17380023_10158471661975445_524035158_o

Monkey and the Mouse take it in turns to shoot at the Aerovane to see whether they can knock off an alien or two and at the end of the game they add up their scores (each alien has a number and they use this as what each is worth).17342240_10158471659925445_1336951931_o

Monkey’s Review

“This is Epic and Awesome!”

Mouse’s Review

“I like it because I can do it easy and it is a lot of fun. Me and Monkey play together and sometimes I win! I have even beaten Daddy too!”17328003_10154191127556780_1199706218_n

I am impressed with this, I like the fact that it comes with something to aim at (instead of them shooting at my head!!), it is well put together and it is sturdy.  The aliens are only magnetised but stay on until they are shot off, which is good as there is no frustration a having to stop play to reapply the aliens.

As a mum, I also like the fact that it is not massive; so it is easy to store and doesn’t take over a whole room when they are playing with it. It has kept them entertained for ours and Monkey particularly can’t wait to show his mates next time they come round – I can see a full scale tournament happening! 17357574_10158471661695445_989541185_o

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