Speedy Doc Game Review

I have to be honest – we are fast becoming a bit of a gaming family. I am not talking about video gaming, we have discovered a new found love of board/table top games! We are always very excited when we get to try out a new game, and was equally so when we were offered ‘Speedy Doc’ to test drive.

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In the box you get the Doc himself, a sheet of different coloured ‘Zeros’ and the instructions. It doesn’t seem much but it is everything you need for the game (apart from batteries). You have to pop the Zero’s from the card and that is it – you are ready to play!Photo 10-09-2017, 19 51 59

So first thing to do is to pop some batteries (3 x AAA) into the Doc, then place the Zero’s in the back – there is a handy storage pocket and finally switch him on using the simple on/off switch on his back!22156652_10159474732680445_1678520860_n

The game itself is a fast paced game that is lots of fun; the box suggests 8 years old plus but Mouse is 7 years old and had no problem joining in with us.

Each round consists of a topic and you take it in turns to say something linked to the topic – just keep going until someone duplicates an answer, says something unrelated to the topic, you run out of time or the Doc tells you to stop!

The Doc runs the game; from telling you who will start, how much time you have, what topic each round is and how many Zero’s the loser takes!22156975_10159473199295445_276535615_nThe Doc runs the game well, he is clear and concise about what he wants (the instructions are always on hand to remind you if you are unsure)!  The game boasts over 500 topics to play (obviously we haven’t got through them all yet).  What we have found is that some topics were a little tough but there is an option to end that one and change topics.

We have had so much fun and a lot of giggles playing this, the kids have even got it out without any prompting, and played just the two of them – without any arguing!! Yep, nice sibling fun without killing each other!

I love the personality of the Doc, he brings more fun to the game and I have found the kids talk back to him. Simple to play means simple to enjoy. Not too big and easy to store! I can’t see a negative!

In fact I can see Doc coming out when the kids are in bed and the adults are looking for something to play with a drink in hand too!22172017_10154708615446780_1897708796_o


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the game to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

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