Spin Master Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision Review

Being a spy is cool, just ask my 9 year old (Monkey), he will tell you. When they did Spy writing at school it was way better than normal English writing lessons! We were given the opportunity to review the Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision from Spinmaster and Agent Monkey and Agent Mouse..could..not…wait!The young agents were very keen to get on with their mission; they wanted to rip open their new equipment the moment they saw it. In the box there is two parts – the goggles and the eye piece. 20598036_10159195395085445_902392751_oAll you need to get going is 3 x AAA batteries. Set up is easy, all you have to do is insert the batteries and then clip the eye piece onto the goggles! You then flip the on switch; it is super simple to do and then you can get on searching in the dark!20622942_10159195350210445_680660641_oIt is really easy to do and once this mini bit of set up is done, you are ready to go! The kids ran off to our under stairs cupboard (where it is really dark when the door is shut) to give them a test run!There is a black elastic band for you to pull around your head ot keep the goggles on, this is adjustable although we found it still slightly too big for Mouse so she had to hold them in place; this did not bother her or hinder the use of the toy! Monkey loved them straight away and found the goggles to be ‘amazing’! He stayed under the stairs for a while, just looking at everything. I recorded him talking whilst he was under there (apologies there are no pictures on the video – it was dark and I didn’t have the goggles!)

I have had a go on them and they really are brilliant; I am super impressed with the image they give you, I was expecting it to be unclear what you were looking at (being a toy) but there is no doubting the clear picture you get from them. I love that they can be used by children od different ages and are simple to use. They are aimed at children 6 years old and up and both my two (aged 9 and 7) had no problem using them at all!

The part of the goggles against your eyes are made from a very soft rubber and they are extremely comfortable, I can see these being played with a lot. in fact we are going on a summer camp next week and they are coming with us – especially from when we play hide and seek in the dark (I think I may win this year), the toy tells me I could see up to 30 feet with them so they will come in handy!

This is a definite toy for any budding Spy, Spinmaster have other products in their Spy Gear range and we will definitely be looking out for more of their products as we are so impressed with this one! Available from toy shops and online retailers we would give a big thumbs up recommendation!

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  1. It sounds really interesting – we’ve had ‘night vision’ before that has just been a light really.

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