Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket Review

We are always on the look out for things that the whole family can enjoy – no matter what their age. We had a weekend recently where we were getting together with my mum and her husband, my brother and our nephew; add in the four of us and you get a right group of mixed ages.

We took along the Air Hogs Jet Rocket that we had been asked to review in the hope we could have some fun with it (or in the very least that the young ones could entertain us older folk!).image00003In the box you get everything you need to play; you get the rocket, the stand, an air pipe and the pressure pad.  It is really easy to set up and has instructions that are super easy to follow too (the Monkey could definitely do it alone at 9 years old and I think Mouse w at 7 years would be fine too).image00007.1The kids were eager to get playing and they quickly devised a game where they took it in turns to be the ‘launcher’ and then everyone (and I mean everyone in the close vicinity!) had to try and catch it!

It was very surprising how high the rocket went when launched, we were really impressed – it really gave a challenge to the game! There were a few times the rocket landed in a place where a chair/ladder and a long stick were needed to retrieve it!

It was lovely to see so many smiles whilst the kids play; however they decided that they didn’t want to keep all the fun to themselves and instructed that everyone needed to play and have the fun of being the captain of the rocket!! So the grandparents were instructed to get involved (in fact the parents and the uncle were too but there is no photographic evidence of that). We played the game of launch and catch for well over an hour and there were lots of giggles.

The toy itself is very sturdy, even though it has been through the test of different ages, genders and sizes of people it is still going strong! The rocket itself has landed on concrete, wood, grass and a roof or two and is still in perfect flying condition, with a few very small markings on the tip.

I love simple to set up and simple to play games and this one is both. It is very much loved and it travels around in the boot of the car ready to be got out and played with wherever we are! I also love that it has brought fun to many members of the family.

We think this is great to buy for yourself or as a gift for others and at £9.99 it is a reasonable price too!

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