Sponsorship – Cybermummy 2011

I am looking for sponsership to attend the the UK’s premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers, which is CyberMummy!

First a bit about me, I am married and a mum to two bundles of joy, a fab 2 and a half year old boy and a lovely 9 month old girl, and this is my blog! Writings, Ramblings and Reviews is exactly what the title says, a place where I talk about me, my family and life. I also post reviews and when I am feeling brave I share my poems/writings! for the small business I run!

I really really want to go to CyberMummy, I think it would be amazing for me and both of my blogs, it will enhance what I do and enable me to improve my support of others through the blog!

I would love to find sponsorship to attend the conference, not only for me, but for you too, I would love to work with a brand/company that I believe in and that compliments my life/blog as a ‘Mummy’!

The event is to be held in London on 25th June 2011, for sponsorship I am looking for

  • Ticket to CyberMummy – £100.00
  • Travel to the conference – £100.00
  • Hotel (due to the distance I live away I will need 2 nights) – £180.00

and what you will get in return

  • Me exclusively for you – I will only represent and promote one brand/company
  • On the day I am happy to wear anything you supply showing who sponsored me (e.g. badge, tshirt etc)
  • Blog post (on both blogs) Introducing you as my sponsor
  • Advert/Badge (Including link to your website) on the front page of both blogs (From sponsorship date until a Month after the conference)
  • A mention in any post (anywhere) I make about CyberMummy 2011
  • Promotion on Twitter and Facebook
  • Exposure to my readers, twitter followers, facebook friends and many Cyber Mummies!

I am also happy to review any items/services you want and will enjoy promoting you to the masses and will be more than willing to write a guest post for your blog or article for your site if you would like!

Please contact me if you want anymore information or are interested in sponsoring me – I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact me on Twitter @MoolBoots or email kelly@piddleypix.com

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  1. Good luck. I posted on twitter that i was looking too and have you tried blogger ed? I would also advise maybe asking anyone you have reviewed for this past year x

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