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So the Easter school holidays are over and it is time to label the clothes, whether it is replacing old labels or labelling new clothes, everything from lunch boxes to PE shorts have to have that name on it.

I will be honest, normally I am a last minute, do very quickly, sew very badly type of labeller! I hate really dislike the whole process of putting the names into and onto anything!

Sewing is time consuming and I am not very good at it! I even tried the iron on ones but they tended to curl at the edge and cause irritation on the little ones skinlogoA few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to give Stamptastic a go. Stamptastic was created by three mums who were very fed up with the labelling options available.  What they came up with was personalised stamps and an ink that was useable on different materials!


The stamps are acrylic blocks personalised with your child’s name one end. It is a perfect size to hold easily and the blocks have easy to grip grooves in the sides. It is a really easy system to use, you press the block on the ink block, and then stamp on the item that needs naming.

We have stamped clothes, lunch bags, lunch boxes and wellies so far. I have left them a few weeks to check their lasting power before I told you all about them and I have to say……I am impressed. The ink has some real staying power.

The clothes have been to school and back and through the wash and the name is still on them and very readable. The wellies and lunch bag have faired well too!

The lunch box is made of plastic, the first time we washed it the name came off. I checked the info on Stamptastic, they are very honest about the ink being less durable on plastic due to the nature of plastic. We re-stamped it and this time it has lasted longer. IMG_0214

The only worry that crossed my mind is whether an ink strong enough to stay put through the washing machine is safe for a smaller child, the fab ladies at Stamptastic answer this too

“Our ink is an oil-based ink, which is the equivalent of a marker pen. The quantity of ink used in our inkpad/stamp should not cause any problems. Our ink should be regarded as prints on clothes – therefore if you are happy with you or your child wearing printed clothes there should not be any concerns.”

So, when labelling time came after the holidays I ditched the sewing kit and left the iron where it was. I am now (and will be for the future) a fully fledged Stamptastic user. So impressed I would definitely recommend!

Thank you Stamptastic for sending the stamps for the purpose of this review, you have a new fan!


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  1. This looks like a really quick and convenient way of labelling clothes and great that it doesn’t wash out.

  2. what a great alternative to sew in and iron on labels. Most school clothes now come with labels to write names on so this would be perfect. thanks

  3. That sounds like a fantastic idea. I gave up sewing and ironing on name labels a while ago and turnd to just writing it on with ballpoint – this is a far neater option!

  4. We won a couple of stamps in a competition and I love them! They are so easy to use and stay put even after washing. I will never go back to sewing or ironing in names again!

  5. This looks like such a good idea.

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