Stokke Tripp Trapp

As all mums do, I want the best for my kids, from education to food to the products I use with them!

The first pram we had with our first was mahoosive and not very practical, so we quickly ended up changing it for another. With our second baby it is the highchair that we haven’t been happy with!

First we had a biggish highchair, you know the type with a massive tray that sits so far back from the table that you feel like your precious bundle of joy is sat at the table three doors over!

Next we tried one of those travel types of chairs that sit on one of your dining chairs, which worked for her to be actually sat at the table, but she wasn’t quite tall enough for it and was either too low, or banging her legs when we put it up to maximum height!

So we have been searching for a new chair, I searched the internet, browsed the shops and asked around to try and find a chair, but couldn’t find one I was happy to fork out for to try!

Finally I did a massive ‘Help me’ plea on twitter and the recommendations flew in for the Stokke Tripp Trapp!

So, we happily gave it a go! The chair arrived and was very easy to put together and very nice to look at!

We have the Cherry Wood coloured chair with a spotty cushion set and it looks wonderful, I put Mouse in and she was comfy and settled straight away. The most awesome thing happened too – she sat at the table with us! There was no worry about her reaching or being too far away, it was brilliant we are now a family who all eat together! The chair also grows with the child, you can adapt it and it can be used right up until they are adults too! I love this chair, so much so, that I want to get another one for my toddler to use too!

I would highly recommend this highchair! Check out the Stokke website for information on the chair, accessories and usage!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp was supplied for the purpose of this review

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