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  1. Such a lovely day. It’s great when they can play with water in the garden. Lovely.

  2. Lovely looking garden play, isn’t it lovely to have a day to just enjoy the outdoors without being wrapped up.

  3. Who doesn’t love a day spent outside enjoying the garden. x

  4. I thought they were having a bit of messy eater play but I think they’re cleaning up?

  5. My children could spend hours playing in the garden with a bowl of water

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Fab photo! It looks like fun is been had x

    • Denise on May 24, 2015 at 12:15
    • Reply

    Lovely to see.x

  7. Looks like they are having fun enjoying the sun!

  8. so glad it is getting warm for kids to go out and play!

  9. Perfect weather for playing out in the garden =) #mysundayphoto

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