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The one for the beginning of 2013

I feel like writing, not really sure what I will write, but I guess the New Year is a good place to start! Happy New Year all, I really hope you have made a good start to 2013! Goodbye to 2012, you were kind to some, and extra specially unkind to others. Personally I have …

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Looking Forward to 2012

This post was supposed to have been written a few days ago, but due to various illnesses and the like it has been put off slightly! So here is that second part I was talking about the look forward to the coming year! 2012 So, I had decided not to make any official resolutions as …

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! I hope you all have a fantastic year! So, how did you welcome it in? We had a BBQ! Yep a real, outside in the garden BBQ, with cocktails and it was fantastic! A couple of months ago the brother and sister in law suggested a BBQ/Cocktail Party for New Years Eve. …

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