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Review – Parragon Factivity Human Body Boxset

Monkey loves learning about things especially the human body; he wants to know how it works, what is inside it and what he can do with it – so you can imagine the smile when he saw this month’s Parragon Books Book Buddy mail! The box includes a book (that is full of facts and activities) …

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April (Nearly) Book Competition – Peppa Pig

Ok so I didn’t quite make running the book competition in April, so to make up for that there are two books on offer. One is a Peppa Pig story book  ‘School Bus Trip’ and the other is an activity book  ‘Peppa’s Playtime’ which includes dot-to-dots and doodles!  The first book feature a typically great …

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Baking Cookies Fun!

So, the other day the kids and I were just kinda hanging around the house with nothing to do, wasting time, not really playing, not really doing anything so I thought ‘let’s do some baking’  we decided to make some Chocolate Cookies and some bread! I was basically the instructor while they did the hard …

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