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My Britmums Live 2015 Post

I know you may have read lots of posts about Britmums Live, so I decided that I wouldn’t put too many words in mine, instead I have put together my photos in a short video. What I will say is Britmums Live 2015 was one of the best, it included laughter, crying, wine, fun, brands, …

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The Brands I saw at #Britmumslive

A couple of weekends ago I headed to London with many other bloggers for Britmums Live. When I say many others, I believe that equates approximately 700! It was a great weekend, I spent time with friends,  learnt about social media, found out about new products and services and to be honest just had a …

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Sunday Photo

The Britmum’s Live Post

I am  sat on the floor in the train station, shattered, with lots of bags including one which is wet and lots of information. I have just left the Britmums Live conference, well an hour ago, I have navigated the tube and now I am willing the train to be here soon so I can …

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The BritMums Live Post

Yep, I was one of several hundred bloggers that went to the BritMums Live Blogging Conference in London last weekend! I was really looking forward to it, a chance to catch up with a great friend of mine (Louise from Team Lloyd) and to meet in real life other people I may have spoken to …

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Silent Sunday

BritMums Live Sponsor Plea!

Two Bloggers for One Sponsorship! How does that sound? Well that is what you would get if you chose to sponsor us for BritMums Live! BritMums Live, is a huge opportunity for Louise and I, not only is it a chance to meet like minded people, network with bloggers and companies but it will also …

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Britmums Live 2012 Meet and Greet

This year I am going to Britmms Live, a blogging conference where I will hopefully get to meet lots of like minded but individually unique people and we will chat, and laugh and learn and generally just be!  Carly over at the Stepford Wifey blog is holding a Meet and Greet so attendees can figure …

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