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Mar 30

Birthdays and Birthday Cake!

The end of March is a busy time for celebrations for us; we have birthdays, anniversaries and to throw in the mix a retirement this year! So over the last week both Monkey and Mouse have become a year older. Mouse is now 6 and is growing into one amazing little lady; after the massive …

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Oct 18

Photo of the week

Oct 04

National Taco Day with Santa Maria

Today is National Taco Day and as Mexican is our favourite type of food to eat we were not going to let it pass without joining in. Hubby and I decided that a Date Night was in order as then we could have a little extra spice; the kids do eat mexican but like to …

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Mar 22

Review – Duerr’s Rhubarb and Custard Jam‏

We can all be taken back to our childhood by certain smells, tastes or sights; things that bounce us back to a time gone by in a second. Where tastes are concerned, for me it is lavender, Rhurbard and Custard and Marmite. I can have any of them and I can feel like i am …

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Jan 04

A Year in Photos

I have challenged myself to try to complete a daily photo challenge. I started one last year on my other blog but I didn’t do very well. This year i have decided to give it a go on my instagram account. I love photos so am on instagram most days anyway browsing others pictures and posting …

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Dec 07

Baking, Cleaning and New Love with #ovenpride

Monkey, Mouse and myself were sent a baking kit and some Oven Pride this week to take part in an Oven Pride challenge.I love cooking and baking, I don’t get to do it very much but I love it. Both the children are really getting into it too and whenever I say I am going …

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Jan 22

I want to be a Domestic Goddess!

Yep, I would love to be a domestic goddess. I want to be a mummy who’s house is tidy (although not too much as kids do live here you know), I want to have matching furniture in the right place and I want to have a bathroom that gleams and stays gleaming! But what I …

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Oct 31

*Review* Bisto Melts

My name is MoolBoots and I like food! I am always on the lookout for new things to try, different things and things that can get the kids involved in the cooking!   New Bisto Melts are little portions of concentrated stock that contains real meat juices (apart from the vegetable ones that contain real …

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Sep 01

First Attempt at Cottage Pie!

Well being at home for a week off work, i decided to do something I haven’t done before, I made a cottage pie (I am reliably informed it is this instead if shepherds pie as I didn’t use lamb).  When I say made, i don’t even mean making it ready made and warming it up, …

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