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Jul 23

My Sunday Photo

Photo 22-07-2017, 15 19 12

We had a lovely family day out yesterday at Wheelgate Park in Nottingham, this was just one of the photos that made me smile! There was so much fun, a lot of giggles, much exploring and just generally a day that created amazing memories!

Jul 09

My Photo from the Week


The balloons we got from the very impressive Smudgy the Clown at Nottingham’s Independants Festival! So much talent on show and so much fun had!

Nov 02

Nottingham Comic Con


Last weekend saw Nottingham Comic Con’s 4th event; it is an event that hubby and I organised and run (with an awesome team of volunteers made up of family and friends who support our big ideas). This year was incredible, so many people have told us that they had a blast and that they can’t …

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Dec 30

Our 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 22.45.18

I love blogging for many reasons; it gives me a chance to write – something I love to do and hope to do more of as I grow up! We have had the chance to try out some things we wouldn’t have thought of trying and we have been lucky enough to go places that …

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Dec 23

Hare and Tortoise at Nottingham Playhouse


At the weekend¬†we were invited to go and watch the ‘Hare and Tortoise'; a show currently showing at Nottingham Playhouse. It is a re-do of the classic tale and it promised to be fun. The Monkey and The Mouse were very excited on arriving at the Playhouse and realising we were going to see a …

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Oct 29

Nottingham Comic Con 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.25.08

As I have mentioned before I am involved with the organising of Nottingham Comic Con; It all started when Hubby was looking at having a stall at a Comic Con but the tables had sold out. He decided he was going to put on his own, I have always wanted to run a charity event …

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Oct 18

Family Arts in Nottingham


We are an Art loving family and we ecstatic to be invited along to a bloggers tour of the Arts on offer in Nottingham for families. We had a fantastic day and discovered (and re-discovered) some amazing places, it opened our eyes again to what is on our doorstep to do as a family! We …

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Oct 10

Photo of the Week


Oct 04

Sunday Photo


May 29

Alphabet Photo – T


Living in Nottingham you see beautiful sight every day, there is so much to see – architecture, greenery and of course the rather large river that runs through it. Not that far from us is a place that is fab for walking, playing, relaxing and for generally spending time together! ¬†When it is sunny the …

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