Tag: Days out in Nottingham

Alphabet Photo – T

Living in Nottingham you see beautiful sight every day, there is so much to see – architecture, greenery and of course the rather large river that runs through it. Not that far from us is a place that is fab for walking, playing, relaxing and for generally spending time together!  When it is sunny the …

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Country Kids

Monkey and I had some Mummy/Son time this afternoon as Mouse was at a birthday party and Daddy was out too. We decided to go on a bit of an adventure and explore the area around our house. Just up the house and off a fairly busy road we came across a nature reserve. We …

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Alphabet Photo – I

I am happy that the weather is starting to change and things are getting warmer, so I am hoping for more outside fun and a lot more ice type treats. So I is for Ice lolly.  I love this photo as it brings back memories of the day it was taken. We spent the day …

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