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Aug 23

Sunday Photo

Aug 09

Country Kids

Monkey, Mouse and I have been away this week.  A while ago I signed up to help on a residential holiday for some local children and with Daddy being at work it meant that the children were coming with me. They were a bit younger than the age group going but it did not stop …

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Jul 22

#Alphabetphoto J is for…

J is for Joker! Now I know you are imagining the Joker from the batman stories, but we are going for someone else that can be described as a Joker. As a family we love jokes, we love laughing and we love playing little tricks on each other. When we went on our recent Butlin’s …

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Jul 01

#Alphabetphoto G is for…….

I have decided to go for something this week that could probably have loads of different photos to represent it, but I have chosen one that I think is a good one to show what I mean! G is for Giggles. We love Giggles in our house, giggling over something daft that no-one but us …

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Jun 27

Butlins Minehead – The experience!

You have seen the A-Z video, so it is time for a written version of our experience at the Butlin’s Resort in Minehead! This year for our Butlin’s Ambassador Trip we took Granny and Grampsy along for the ride! Minehead is approximately four hours from where we live, we treated ourselves to a hotel stop …

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May 18

8 Sleeps to go….

That is all there is until we arrive at Butlin’s in Minehead for our Ambassadors trip and we can’t wait! As you know we were lucky enough to be Ambassadors last year too and we had a great break at the Bognor Regis Resort. We had a great time, we stayed in a hotel and …

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