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National Curry Week with Tilda Rice

10th to the 16th October 2016 saw National Curry Week, unfortunately we had to delay our Curry eating slightly due to various things but it wasn’t a major disaster, as for us Curry is not just to be eaten during one week, it is something that can be enjoyed all of the time. I am a …

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Mother’s Day with Roberts Bakery

The blog has been a little (well very) quiet over the past few weeks due to a horrible Flu bug having taken over the house. To be honest Mother’s Day passed by in a bit of a haze, I had a really bad bout of the flu and couldn’t get up, the last thing I …

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Cooking with Bisto – Review

Time for a post about a great easy to make, delicious family meal! Take some vegetarian mince, some potatoes, carrots, onion, a few other veggies, milk, salt, pepper and some Bisto Vegetable Gravy granules, what have you got? Well, in this case Shepherds ‘lost-his-sheep’ Pie!  How do you do it? Get your potatoes boiling ready for …

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