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Aug 17

Igloo Mania Review

Family time this week has mostly involved playing Igloo Mania; we love playing games so was very happy to give this one a test run and review it!Igloo Mania is a game of steady hands, strategy and fun. In the box there is 64 blocks that build an igloo, there is a dome base and …

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Nov 23

Review of Bellz

We love games, board games, video games, even made up games; especially this time of year when it is darker in the evening and we just want to cosy down each night with something fun. We were very happy to add Bellz from Spinmaster to our collection and give it a test run!When the game arrived the kids …

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Jul 29

Speedy Bin Game – Review and Competition

This week we have mostly been playing Speedy Bin! The Monkey and the Mouse were very excited when it arrived and they couldn’t wait to get stuck into playing! In the box there is the bin and the paper.  You have to construct the bin before you can play the game, but it is simple to put together. …

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Nov 12

Metal Puzzles from Parragon Review

You have heard me talk about Parragon on a fair few occasions and it has been mostly about their books, this month I am sharing with you their ‘Professor Murphy Metal Puzzles’ – which to be fair still has a book in it, but is so much more too! This set is right out of ‘Professor Murphy’s Emporium …

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Aug 31

Young Games Inventor 2014

BrainBox is a fab games company who make a wide range of games perfect for kids to play with kids and families to play together. This year they are running a challenge for children to invent their very own board game.  As far as BrainBox are concerned children are the perfect inventors. They’re full of …

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Jul 26

Sunday Photo

Jun 15

Sunday Photo

Nov 18

Review – Beano Stuck Up Game

It is getting to that time of year when the night have drawn in and everyone is looking for something to do to entertain the children and to entertain the parents, without being able to venture outside at any time you please! We are a game loving family, you will often find us on an …

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Aug 24

BrainBites Dinosaurs – Review

Monkey loves to learn, he literally soaks in information, another love of his (as I am sure I have mentioned before) is dinosaurs! He was really excited last term at school as they did all about dinosaurs and he couldn’t wait to find out about the different types, who ate what and how to roar …

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Aug 16

BrainBox Squiggle Dinosaurs – Review

Do all kids love Dinosaurs or is it just mine? Both the Monkey and the Mouse love them, running around all over the place, roaring, being mummy dinosaur or baby dinosaur. They love to read about them, play games about them – anything! We recently got sent a ‘Squiggle Dinosaur on the go‘. Is it …

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