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Oct 03

Monkey and Mouse take Photos in the Garden

I have loved photos for as long as I can remember – both taking them and looking at them. Monkey and Mouse have both inherited my love and we can sit for hours looking at old photos laughing at the memories or picking out the interesting bits. Every time I get my camera or phone …

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Jul 24

Growing Sunflowers

Just after Mouse was born, Monkey planted a tomato seed; he loved it, watered it, watched it and even talked to it. The plant grew and tomatoes started to form. There was an unfortunate snail attack on the plant and most tomatoes did not survive; but only a few weeks later we had something – one …

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Apr 11

Country Kids

I am so pleased to see that the sun has been making an appearance this week and Monkey and Mouse have loved spending time in the garden of the new house. This week mouse couldn’t decide whether she wanted to play outside or paint – so she did both!  I asked her to wear a …

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Oct 15

#Alphabetphoto W is for

I love to take photos of everyday things at angle you wouldn’t normally look at them from! In the last house we lived in the garden was a place to explore, it wasn’t massive but had lots of nooks and crannies, steps to a bit behind loads of bushes and some really interesting things to …

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May 03

A bit of Gardening #countrykids

Last week I had a day where I finished work at lunch and got to pick Mouse up from pre-school. We had a lovely walk back looking at the flowers and the butterflies we saw along the way. Once we were home we headed straight for the back garden as it was so bright and …

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Mar 01

Silent Sunday

Jul 28

Silent Sunday

Jun 15

Photo of The Week

This week I have been able to have some fun in the sun with Mouse, due to the weather deciding to pretend it is June (er….hang on!).  We had a whale of a time doing the age old art of painting stones in the garden. It was a precious moment of girlie time in the …

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Aug 12

Silent Sunday

May 13

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday was created by Mocha Beanie Mummy and is linked up over on Love All Blogs!

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