Tag: Growing Up

The First Day!

The first day (well half day) has been done! Last night we made sure the uniform, preschool record and PE kit were all ready, so all we had to do was get up, get ready and go! So, thats what we did, we did it with Legs literally bouncing with excitement! Once he had eaten, …

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One more sleep…..

All I can say is ‘One More Sleep….’

Finishing Nursery!

So today was Leg’s last day at Nursery! It is a massive thing as from September he is going to a different school to the one he has completed nursery at! We have moved area, which means that he is going to be going to a school that his school friends don’t go to! So, …

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End of Year Parents Meeting

Well Legs, it has come to that time of year, the end of your foundation one school year! Daddy and I went to see your teacher today for a ‘parents meeting’, a chance to find out about you in school! Well, what can we say apart from “well done little man!” Your teacher couldn’t wait …

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School Visits

Last week Legs, Daddy and I got to spend the morning at the school Legs will start in September! He had a great time, checking out the classroom, meeting his teacher and generally just being him! He can not wait for School! Mummy and Daddy on the other hand spent the time nervously looking around, …

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Big Boy School!

Big boy school, and I mean proper school! We went tonight for Legs’ ‘new parents evening’ at his brand new school for September! Yep, he is growing up fast! It started off with a lovely welcome into the school hall, with school dinners on offer (not school dinners like I remember them, but proper nicely …

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Big Girl Bed

So it has happened, offspring number two has made the move from cot to ┬ábed, from baby to little girl! It only feels like a few weeks ago that we were talking about a big boy bed for Legs, but that was actually before Mouse was born over two years ago. On Saturday Mouse made …

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