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Sep 09

Summer Holiday Memories


Today is the third day of the Monkey and the Mouse being back at school and the first day this week of me being off work and at home alone. If I am honest I am having a bit of a sad day, life stuff and missing the kids is having an impact so I …

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Dec 30

Our 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 22.45.18

I love blogging for many reasons; it gives me a chance to write – something I love to do and hope to do more of as I grow up! We have had the chance to try out some things we wouldn’t have thought of trying and we have been lucky enough to go places that …

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Dec 09

Alphabet Photo


Going for a bit of a catch up post for Alphabet Photo today I need to cover J – L! I thought I would go with a themed post so have decided to do a bit of a Butlins round up! You may remember we were lucky enough to be Butlins Ambassadors for two years …

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Nov 19

Alphabet Photo


This week for I, I have chosen the word interesting! I am sharing some photos from a holiday in Felixstowe we took in 2010 when Monkey was 2 and a half and Mouse was just 6 months. We spent a lot of time visiting tourist attractions and museums and even a fort. Monkey loved every …

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Nov 11

Hammamas Towel Review


I love trying out new things and especially if they are a twist on things that you use every day. So today’s topic is a towel. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of you use towels.  Hammamas is a company who have a beautiful range of turkish cotton towels. They work closely …

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Oct 14

Alphabet Photo


That time of the week when I share a photo for a letter of the alphabet, this week I have decided to share more than one photo for the Letter D. When Monkey was six months old we had a family holiday to Devon, it was interesting! There were some amazing bits and some shockingly …

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Aug 23

Sunday Photo


May 19

Alphabet Photo


The alphabet photo post this week brings you S, I really enjoy linking up to the Alphabet photo linky over on the PodCast blog; it means that I look through old photos and re-live lots of memoriesI love this photo; I am not being big headed, i don’t think it is necessarily a technically  good …

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May 12

Alphabet Photo


This week is the turn of Q for the Alphabet Photo Linky hosted by the wonderful PODCast. Back in the BC days (Before Children) in fact BM (Before Marriage), the now hubby and I took a two camping trip. We didn’t have a plan apart from pack the car, drive and camp. We ended up …

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Apr 07

Alphabet Photo – H

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 21.43.24

Sharing a photo just because I love it, it isn’t even good quality as it was taken on my mobile is a barely lit sports hall.  A photo taken when the kids and I went away last year to help (well I helped, they enjoyed) on a residential trip away for 4-11 year olds. During one …

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