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Oct 09

Vanish – Stain Removal. Review and Competition

I know housework and chores are not the most exciting thing to talk about, but they are a part of everyday life, I feel that I am constantly washing clothes and the amount of items that have stains on is unbelievable. I have used Vanish in the form of a pre-wash spray but I haven’t …

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Apr 01

A Year in Photos

I have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to my year of photos, the Flu really has a lot to answer to! A couple of main things have gone off so I thought I would write a couple of posts grouping some of my photos from the daily photo project to …

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Jan 08

Review – Storage from Plastic Box Shop

The Christmas rush is over, the house looks like a toy bomb has gone off in the house and Daddy and I have been left with one job – the tidy up! We did a mini clear out before Christmas even arrived, but it doesn’t seem to have made enough space – my word where …

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Aug 04

Cable and Cotton Review

We are really trying to turn our house into a home, ¬†without doing too much actual decorating in the form of paint etc. ¬†We are hoping to move soonish and don’t want to do too much that we will have to readjust before we move, and on a selfish part we would like to take …

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