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Apr 06

A Year in Photos

The second in the catch up round ups. The whole reason I hadn’t posted these few in order in because of the dreaded flu – it was the worst illness I have had in a long time. So over the daily photos a few were related to the yuckiness! 63/365 The illness started with a …

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Mar 27

Alphabet Photo – F

I am playing catch up with the Alphabet Photo Linky due to having been quite ill.  In fact I am playing catch up with all of my posts – so many things have happened that I haven’t shared due to being poorly. It is quite apt that the first letter I am starting my catch …

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Jun 13

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2013

This post may be a little ‘Too Much Information’ for some, but as this week is Cervical Screening Awareness week, I feel that I should write something on the subject. So ladies, have you been to your screening? Do you always go? I am proud to say I always go for mine, I never miss …

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Apr 15

‘Wet February’ – BRITA Hydration Challenge Update!

Do you remember when I posted my ‘Wet February’ Post? Remember how I took up the challenge to drink the recommended amount of water? Well, this is the post that tells you how it went! So, Brita sent me over a Marella Filter Jug to use at home and a Fill & Go bottle for …

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Feb 17

Flu with added Children!

  What a week, sorry for the lack of posts but the household has well and truly been knocked off it’s feet!  I have always believed I have had flu before, well everyone has haven’t they, a few aches, a few pains, shivering – well I can well and truly say, what I have experienced …

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Apr 25


It has been over a week since I last blogged! There has been no one major reason, but I feel I should explain my temporary silence! Well what a week it has been, around work we have had illness, no sleep, organising a 40th Anniversary (not ours!) meal and house guests! Mouse had real trouble …

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Mar 16

Teething….the final leg?!

So we have been through teething before, we know what it entails, we have legs; a 3 (4 next week!!) year old who has all his teeth, so we went though it with him, we were eased in, front teeth, some crying, some rosy cheeks – but bongela worked and Calpol was a sanity saviour! …

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Feb 23

Doing Something Yummy

This post is written for the very important campaign being supported by Nickie over on the Typecast Blog, CLIC Sargent wants parents and bloggers to get involved with their Yummy Mummy week which is being held from 10th to 18th March 2012 and Nickie is offering writing prompts for bloggers to join in and raise awareness, this is …

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Dec 21

The one about chicken pox!

It’s one of those things that you expect to happen to you children, almost wait for it to happen, but when it does, it is worse than you thought! Chicken pox! Two weeks ago Legs came out with a couple of spots, we went through the ‘could they be, are they, aren’t they?’ talks, when …

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Dec 09

Yucky Cold and Sterimar

Well, I knew it was going to happen, and it had to happen the weekend I was going away. I caught a cold, not just a little one either and great big gross, yucky, snotty, cough cold! Obviously this is not good, especially as I finished work yesterday for over a weeks leave and I …

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