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I got a new job…..I think!

I recently had an interview, it was for a job I really wanted, a job I have aspired to, a job that would be a career, helping people, something I could be good at! Well I went through interview and waited…. …a week later I got a call, I did really well, was successful, was …

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Selling myself

What is the best way to sell yourself, I don’t mean actually selling for money. I mean the verbal, talk yourself up, tell them how good you are without be cocky type! How much is too much confidence, if you say how good you are at something does that mean you are too sure of …

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I had an interview this week and it made me think. Why are we put through these tortuous situations to prove that we can do a job, you know what I mean the nerves, the dressing up in clothes you probably wouldn’t normally wear, the sweatiness, and that is before you have to find the …

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