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Aug 31

Ozeri MODERNA Artisan Series Glasses

I was sent some Ozeri MODERNA Artisan Series Glasses to give a test run. I wasn’t sure about the prospect of drinking hot drinks out of a glass but I was willing to give it a go!  They are made from a seemingly thin, light glass which is actually really durable and heat-resistant;  Borosilicate glass …

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Jan 04

A Year in Photos

I have challenged myself to try to complete a daily photo challenge. I started one last year on my other blog but I didn’t do very well. This year i have decided to give it a go on my instagram account. I love photos so am on instagram most days anyway browsing others pictures and posting …

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Dec 12

Gift Guide – For the home

I love Christmas, the family time, the decorations, the snuggling up with the kids and watching a Christmas Film. I also love the gift buying, I love buying pressies for others and I enjoy browsing to get the right thing. I know some prefer to have a list from the person to work from or …

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Jun 29

My Kitchen Story

Unfortunately my Kitchen story is a sad one, there are some lovely bits but over all it is a tale of envy! I have always had a dream about what my kitchen would look like. It would be the heart of my home; the family would eat together in it, celebrate in it, cry in …

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Nov 02

Frying Pan from Ozeri – Review

I have a new frying pan, now I know you are thinking ‘what is she going to write about a frying pan?!’.  Well, i shall tell you! My new frying pan isn’t just any old frying pan, it is a Green Earth frying pan from Ozeri , it has a natural ceramic coating, is free from …

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Oct 30

Takeaway it is then!

Not having a great week with kitchen appliances! About a week ago our microwave started sparking, big old sparks that made us think best not use it! Well that wasn’t major really, we don’t use it that much, just to heat baked beans and the like and we can do that on the hob so …

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