Tag: Learning through Play

Triop World Competition

Yesterday you saw me publish a review of the fantastic Triop World (My Living World) from Interplay. The perfect set for any nature lover, history lover or pet lover! The Monkey and the Mouse found it easy to use and they are so excited at how they are going to see their ‘pets’ grow. Some …

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Interplay Triop World Review

This week we are mostly trying to grow pond monsters with ‘Nick Baker’s Triop World’ from Interplay UK;¬†this set is great and gives you the chance to explore the world of nature in your own home.¬† Triops (which are also known as Tadpole or Shield Shrimps) are creatures that biologists often call living fossils. They …

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BrainBox ABC Game Review

As a family we love anything that can bring us together. Games are a massive part of our life, we play together, against each other, to learn, for fun, to pass time, to bond or a mixture of all of the above! This week we have sat down with the BrainBox ABC Game. It is …

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