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Jul 18

LEGO DC Justice League: Gotham City Breakout Review and Competition

Lego is awesome, I don’t know anyone who would disagree with that. DVDs are great for entertaining the children when you need to do some housework or for you to spend a relaxing afternoon together. So, put Lego on a DVD and you have to be winning, right?! We definitely thought we were wining when …

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Jun 25

A (non Britmums live) Saturday in the Life of me

I was unable to go to Britmums Live this year and I was reading all the tweets about how great it was I decided to think about how I would be spending my day, so here is a ‘day in the life of MoolBoots (that’s me)’!   5:50 am – I’m awake, why am I …

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Mar 29

Blokpod Review

I have two Lego obsessed children and the obsession seems to be growing by the day! Both of them have just had birthdays and guess what? That has meant more Lego in the house! Storage is a problem for Lego; we have tried separating into small containers that soon got mixed and were no longer …

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May 26

What’s the story? #whatsthestory

This week something momentous happened in our house……this landed…. Yes it is a Lego contraption and yes, it is rather funky! Oh, you actually want to know what it is?! It is a glasses case. I Know!!!! How awesome!? So back to the momentous occasion?  The children had their first eye tests last week and …

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Apr 20

Lego Easter Story

Earlier in the week the Monkey, Mouse and I were playing Lego and chatting about the Easter Holidays, what we had done and what we were going to do with the rest of it. Monkey and Mouse then thought it would be good fun to ‘play Easter’ with the Lego! Monkey took up the role …

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Dec 03

Battle of Smallville Lego Review

I love this time of year, the festive lights, the cosy snuggling up in front of a film and the lego – well there is always Lego at Christmas – isn’t there?! We are a family of lego lovers, we love to spend time building our own creations and Daddy and Monkey love the sets! …

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Aug 08

The Space Centre with Lego Galaxy Squad

We love spending time as a family, especially when we get to do something special. When we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Galaxy Squad lego, we quite literally could not wait! So, last Saturday we headed down the country to The National Space Centre in Leicester. We were …

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Jan 10

Lego has landed

We have entered a new stage! We have had wooden building blocks, mega bloke, other bigger lego type building sets and ‘Legs’ has played with ‘real lego’ elsewhere but for Christmas he was given his very own real lego and he loves it! So we have entered the more grown up land of building!  Here …

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