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Feb 18

A year in photos

Another catch up post so 9 photos in my year! 35/365 Feel absolutely worn out today. Had a long, long day at work. Some good news though, all checks went through fine on the house and we will be meeting the landlady this friday to pick up the keys! 36/365 The packing has started and …

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Feb 16

A Year in Photos

I am a little behind with the round ups of the Year in Photos – there is a very good reason; we have decided to move house. It is happening quite quickly so time is full at the minute. In the midst of the packing I have a chance to do some posts – there …

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Nov 06

Without a School Place

The October half term has been and gone, I really didn’t think I would be writing another post on this, I thought by now it would have changed and I would have written a ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ post about it instead. But here we are heading into mid November and Mouse is still not in …

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Jul 30

#Alphabetphoto L is for…….

Laughing! Who doesn’t love laughing?!  Well, maybe there are some people who don’t but I love a real good laugh. I think sometimes we forget to laugh – either there is a belief a situation is too serious, we are under too much pressure or we just don’t have the time. Some days I find …

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Jul 08

#Alphabetphoto H is for…

This is the story that some of you have been waiting for since I did my E is for Engagement post for the PodCast Alphabet Photo linky! Hubby and I , well Boyfriend (as he was then) and I were holidaying in Greece, we had been enjoying the weather (a little too much looking at …

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Jul 05

Country Kids

As we were in the house this afternoon we all started to suffer from cabin fever, I was tired (ok, I may have had a little nap on the sofa), the kids were starting to get agitated and Daddy, well he wasn’t too bad but it wouldn’t be bad before he started to feel like …

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Jun 07

Sunday Photo

Apr 20

Lego Easter Story

Earlier in the week the Monkey, Mouse and I were playing Lego and chatting about the Easter Holidays, what we had done and what we were going to do with the rest of it. Monkey and Mouse then thought it would be good fun to ‘play Easter’ with the Lego! Monkey took up the role …

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Apr 16

School admissions

I am so upset right now, I never thought I would be here, feeling like this right now. Before you worry nothing life threatening has happened, but I am gutted never the less. Today the emails came out for the infant school places. You can probably guess what has happened. We applied for Mouse’s school …

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Apr 14

What’s the Story?

I have been joining in with Silent Sunday for a fair while and looking back at some of the photos I think that maybe I should have chosen to save them for bigger posts explaining them. Although they are perfect at the time, some of them just have more behind them than a silent post. …

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