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Stickygram – Review

I know a lot of people who love using ‘Instagram’ for taking snaps on their phones and sharing with their friends, I am one of those people. Keeping selected shots together almost builds a timeline of your life! What do you do with the photos once they are there? Well normally I would share on …

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Country Kids

This week has had a lot of ‘up’ moments, Monkey got his medal at football, followed by a good work award at school and to top it all off he ditched the stabilisers on his bike!! Growing up much?! I think so! We decided to head to the park today, of course we took the …

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Fun at #MidsBlogMeet

What did you do on Saturday? I started the day in my usual way with a spot of volunteering. But, what I did next is not something I do every week, although maybe I should do! I headed into the centre of Nottingham to meet up with some other bloggers for the #MidsBlogMeet. The meet …

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What’s the story?

Back in the year 2005, the husband (or boyfriend as he was at the time) and I went on a trip with his work. We travelled to London then to Dover! Each stage required him to fulfil his role and gave me a chance to see some sights! Once he had finished in Dover we …

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#SilentSunday and #mysundayphoto

2013 The Round Up

Being the beginning of a new year means that another year has ended, so it is time for my round up of 2013. Here it is; 12 photos, 12 months, many more memories. 2013 has seen so much. There have been many good times for Daddy, Monkey, Mouse and I; baking, amazing days out, duvet …

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There are no words

Earth is lighter, as an angel has left Our hearts are heavier with sorrow Taken too soon, there are no words Will be missed more than anyone could know


Sometimes opportunities come up and you know that they are yours to take, sometimes they come up and you instantly know that they are not for you! The third thing that can happen is that one comes up and you believe that it is yours, you believe that maybe this time your cards have come …

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Takeaway it is then!

Not having a great week with kitchen appliances! About a week ago our microwave started sparking, big old sparks that made us think best not use it! Well that wasn’t major really, we don’t use it that much, just to heat baked beans and the like and we can do that on the hob so …

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I got a new job…..I think!

I recently had an interview, it was for a job I really wanted, a job I have aspired to, a job that would be a career, helping people, something I could be good at! Well I went through interview and waited…. …a week later I got a call, I did really well, was successful, was …

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