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Alphabet Photo

I like photos that are taken from interesting angles, that are a little closer than you would usually look or that leave you wondering what the subject is. My father in Law prefers photos that show you exactly what the topic is and he likes them to be sat appropriately into three thirds of the …

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#Alphabetphoto R is for ….

I was trying to think of something fancy to put as my R, an unusual word that would take lots of explaining, create an interesting post.  But as I was browsing my photos I found a photo that is a well known R word. But I love the photo, it was of the first photos …

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#Alphabetphoto F is for…..

This is this weeks photo to link up with the Podcast Alphabet Photo linky (yes, I know I am a little late, but I had to do this one before I could move onto the next one – can’t miss a letter out of the alphabet!). So, you have probably guessed that F is for …

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