Tag: Milestones

Alphabet Photo

That time of the week when I share a photo for a letter of the alphabet, this week I have decided to share more than one photo for the Letter D. When Monkey was six months old we had a family holiday to Devon, it was interesting! There were some amazing bits and some shockingly …

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Country Kids

This week has had a lot of ‘up’ moments, Monkey got his medal at football, followed by a good work award at school and to top it all off he ditched the stabilisers on his bike!! Growing up much?! I think so! We decided to head to the park today, of course we took the …

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Silent Sunday and My Sunday Photo

Mission Potty Training Complete!

There is something I want to celebrate – my second born, the baby of the family is out of nappies! During half term we decided that it was time and went cold turkey with the removal of nappies in the day, there were a couple of hitches the first couple of days, but then nothing, …

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