Tag: New Year’s Eve

A Warner Brothers Christmas

So it is nearly Christmas and there is nothing better to lead up to the big day, than a nice night cosying up with the family to watch a film. ┬áSo you can imagine how excited I was when this beautiful little lot arrived! So one for the whole family, one to watch with Daddy …

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! I hope you all have a fantastic year! So, how did you welcome it in? We had a BBQ! Yep a real, outside in the garden BBQ, with cocktails and it was fantastic! A couple of months ago the brother and sister in law suggested a BBQ/Cocktail Party for New Years Eve. …

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Abba You Can Dance – Review

On Christmas Day Evening, it went without saying that once the kids were in bed the Wii came out and to get us all in the Wii playing mood we started with a little Dance action with Abba You Can Dance. So Granny, Grampsy, Daddy and Me all chose songs and battled it out to …

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