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Country Kids

I am so pleased to see that the sun has been making an appearance this week and Monkey and Mouse have loved spending time in the garden of the new house. This week mouse couldn’t decide whether she wanted to play outside or paint – so she did both!  I asked her to wear a …

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John Lewis Decorating – Review

We have been wanting to make the kids bedrooms nice and…well…more kids rooms than just rooms for ages. But we hadn’t done it because we hadn’t found the right things to use! Then we were sent some John Lewis items that were really going to make the jobs easy! It is really fantastic looking stuff! …

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Photo of The Week

This week I have been able to have some fun in the sun with Mouse, due to the weather deciding to pretend it is June (er….hang on!).  We had a whale of a time doing the age old art of painting stones in the garden. It was a precious moment of girlie time in the …

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Flip-Flop Painters – Review

I have been asked by IzziwizziKids.co.uk to review the Flip Flop Paint Stampers by ASCO Educational In our house we love nothing more than making a bit of a mess while having fun, but with this one we decided to take advantage of the sun and we headed to the garden with some A3 paper, …

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Art by OH

My hubby is an artist/illustrator and I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures he has done!     You can find my talented hubby on Twitter and at his blog Also visit his webcomic ‘The Monkey and The Mouse’

How Do You Doodle?

Our house is covered in pictures my 2.5yr old son ‘Legs’ has done (at home or at playgroup), I was thinking about doing a blog post featuring one of his doodles but then came across the ‘How do you doodle?’ post on the blog Mummy’s Little Monkey and that gave me a perfect excuse to …

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