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We have moved – Welcome!

A massive Hello and Welcome to the new blog, I have moved here to my own URL and I am very excited about it. I have loved my blogging journey so far and I am very grateful to the free wordpress site I have been using as it really helped me to find my feet. …

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The one that doesn’t say much!

I really wanted to blog tonight, I have so many thoughts going around my head, that i poured a glass of wine (red of course) and thought right get it down, the quantity of thoughts would easily lead to four possibly five blog posts! So, go on write…….go one put one of the five down …

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I don’t like….

Top five things I don’t like today! 1. Waiting 2. Having cold Feet 3. The cost of my supermarket shop 4. Waiting some more 5. Mushrooms!

Selling myself

What is the best way to sell yourself, I don’t mean actually selling for money. I mean the verbal, talk yourself up, tell them how good you are without be cocky type! How much is too much confidence, if you say how good you are at something does that mean you are too sure of …

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