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Jul 07



As we are coming to the end of term, it is funny looking back at the trends that have filled the year; the DAB, bottle flipping and the fidget spinner. The real question is ‘Will the MOKURU be the next one?’ The MOKURU is the latest craze from Japan so I am sure that it …

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May 22

School Place Update

School POst

You will remember that Mouse wasn’t allocated a school at the school Monkey goes to when we applied last year and you may have read about the appeal, her officially being a child without a school place and the wait whilst we held out hoping it will happen one day! We appealed knowing that it wouldn’t …

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Feb 28

Sunday Photo


Dec 05

Country Kids


When I was working full time one of the things I missed was the School Run, I know many people think I am mad and I am under no false impression that the school run is easy, I just always wanted to be the one to drop them off in the morning and be the …

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Oct 19

Sunday Photo


Oct 09

My #MorningWin


I hate mornings!! There I said it.I know hate is such a strong word, but I hate mornings! I would much rather stay up until 5am getting things done than getting up at 5am. I am really not a morning person, I struggle to open my eyes, can’t speak until I have showered and can’t …

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Sep 03

Not the first day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year at Monkey’s school. He is so excited to be going into Year 2. Surprisingly I didn’t need to buy too much new uniform for him, we had replaced shoes just before the summer (no choice, we couldn’t get anymore wear out of them), I picked up …

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Apr 29

School Admissions Update

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 22.41.45

So the deadline looms for responses to offers for the primary school places for September.  As you know from the previous post Mouse was not offered a place in the same school as Monkey (our top choice), or a place in the next two choices we put down. We have thought long and hard (very …

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Mar 04

What’s the Story?


A simple photo, football boots, that is all they are really, but for me this photo means so much more! These are Monkey’s first ‘proper studs'; he has been going to football training at school for a while and it was time for him (and us) to commit by getting him some boots. They are …

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Feb 26

What’s the Story?


Monkey has started bringing homework home; not every night but he has had a few bits this term.  A couple of weeks ago he bought home a sheet of paper with some questions on and this.. He was very excited to tell us that they had been making a Fruit Salad in school, Monkey does …

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