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Oct 13

#FloraLunchbox Challenge

The last time Monkey went on a trip with school I found putting together his lunchbox quite challenging; finding what to include that obeyed the school rules of being healthy but that would be healthy and keep him full of energy as they walked around the nature reserve was difficult. There are other challenges with …

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Jul 11

Confessions of a Summer Parent – #TheGoodStuff

There is no denying that the summer can be a challenge; six long weeks of a school holiday to entertain children who are used to having something to do constantly for at least 6 hours each day. To add to that you still have to do real life; your job, housework, shopping, visiting, preparing, looking …

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Jun 25

A (non Britmums live) Saturday in the Life of me

I was unable to go to Britmums Live this year and I was reading all the tweets about how great it was I decided to think about how I would be spending my day, so here is a ‘day in the life of MoolBoots (that’s me)’!   5:50 am – I’m awake, why am I …

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Dec 30

Our 2015!

I love blogging for many reasons; it gives me a chance to write – something I love to do and hope to do more of as I grow up! We have had the chance to try out some things we wouldn’t have thought of trying and we have been lucky enough to go places that …

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Nov 06

Without a School Place

The October half term has been and gone, I really didn’t think I would be writing another post on this, I thought by now it would have changed and I would have written a ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ post about it instead. But here we are heading into mid November and Mouse is still not in …

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Oct 19

Sunday Photo

Oct 09

My #MorningWin

I hate mornings!! There I said it.I know hate is such a strong word, but I hate mornings! I would much rather stay up until 5am getting things done than getting up at 5am. I am really not a morning person, I struggle to open my eyes, can’t speak until I have showered and can’t …

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Sep 03

Not the first day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year at Monkey’s school. He is so excited to be going into Year 2. Surprisingly I didn’t need to buy too much new uniform for him, we had replaced shoes just before the summer (no choice, we couldn’t get anymore wear out of them), I picked up …

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Jul 02

School Appeal

You will have seen my previous posts about Mouse and her school admissions and how currently she is without a school place. I have to say I knew it would be tough, but I am not sure I knew how tough. We are going through an appeal with the school and this is hard for so …

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Jun 24

#Alphabetphoto F is for…..

This is this weeks photo to link up with the Podcast Alphabet Photo linky (yes, I know I am a little late, but I had to do this one before I could move onto the next one – can’t miss a letter out of the alphabet!). So, you have probably guessed that F is for …

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