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Country Kids – A White Christmas

It happened! Well ok, a day late but it happened! On the evening of boxing day, the Mouse was heard shouting ‘it’s snowing’, the three adults in the living room thought it was part of the game the children were playing; ‘thats cool mouse – make sure you wrap up’.  Then Mouse shouts ‘Noooooo, it …

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Sunday Photo

Silent Sunday

Photo of the Week

I had to pick a snowy picture for my Photo of the Week, it has been a major part of the week, shivering from the cold, treading carefully on the way to work, defrosting the car, it really has been a week of the white stuff, so I picked this picture of a Bird Feeder …

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Cold, Cold and Cold!

What a week it’s been – and the running theme?   Coldness! Let me explain the three colds! Cold number one: The snow and ice! Now normally I am a lover of all things snow (well maybe not all things – snowballs down the back, I don’t like), but the past few weeks have become a …

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