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Not the first day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year at Monkey’s school. He is so excited to be going into Year 2. Surprisingly I didn’t need to buy too much new uniform for him, we had replaced shoes just before the summer (no choice, we couldn’t get anymore wear out of them), I picked up …

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School Admissions Update

So the deadline looms for responses to offers for the primary school places for September. ¬†As you know from the previous post Mouse was not offered a place in the same school as Monkey (our top choice), or a place in the next two choices we put down. We have thought long and hard (very …

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School admissions

I am so upset right now, I never thought I would be here, feeling like this right now. Before you worry nothing life threatening has happened, but I am gutted never the less. Today the emails came out for the infant school places. You can probably guess what has happened. We applied for Mouse’s school …

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The First Day!

The first day (well half day) has been done! Last night we made sure the uniform, preschool record and PE kit were all ready, so all we had to do was get up, get ready and go! So, thats what we did, we did it with Legs literally bouncing with excitement! Once he had eaten, …

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One more sleep…..

All I can say is ‘One More Sleep….’

One week to go!

There is one week to go! Yep, one week, 7 days, until……big boy school! Yep, our little boy is starting school a week today! Are we ready? Well, he is! Can’t wait, he wants to wear his new shoes constantly, wants to see his new lunch box, keeps saying ‘is it tomorrow?’ and looks so …

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