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A trip to Birmingham and Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

We are looking forward to spending a nice weekend as a family, ending with a Bank Holiday Monday. Whilst we plan what to do, it has me looking back to the Bank Holiday at the beginning of the month. It was an early morning as we¬†packed the car with coats and sweets and we set …

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#FloraLunchbox Challenge

The last time Monkey went on a trip with school I found putting together his lunchbox quite challenging; finding what to include that obeyed the school rules of being healthy but that would be healthy and keep him full of energy as they walked around the nature reserve was difficult. There are other challenges with …

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Alphabet Photo – C

For our honeymoon hubby and I went to Dominican Republic, it was a fantastic trip and it has so many memories for me. Whilst we were there we went on an excursion around the ‘real Dominican Republic’, off the resort where we stayed. It was truly amazing, we met so many people and did so …

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