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Feb 05

Love with Baker Ross

There are two big events coming up that are centred around Love and Baker Ross have got you covered to get the kids involved with crafting for them….have you guessed what they are? Yep, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day! Monkey and Mouse are always very excited when a box arrives from Baker Ross; they know …

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Oct 15

#Alphabetphoto V is for

V is for Valentine, this is the cards that the hubby and I gave each other a couple of years ago. They were perfect, he designed and made me mine (the one on the left) and I found one that anyone who knows me would tell you is absolutely perfect to describe me loving something …

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Jan 31

Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

You can order most things online and get them delivered directly to your door now, clothes, groceries, gifts. Do you like it? I love internet shopping, i love the convenience, I love being able to order a gift and get it delivered direct to the person if need be, I love it! What about ordering …

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Feb 24

A Wedding Story!

This post was supposed to be a follow up to my Valentines Post but due to illness wasn’t able to get it up, so please enjoy and show my guest Lizzie from Chic Unique some blog love as she tells us her wedding story!   Me and Simon got engaged at Christmas in 2005 around …

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Feb 14


Valentine’s Day is a perfect topic for a blog post, but I thought I would look at it slightly different, instead of looking at cupid, getting together and all the secrecy of Valentines, I thought I would celebrate those of us who have married our valentine! I love being married, to me it is more …

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