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Jun 27

Keeping the kids refreshed – #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge

I have to hold my had up and say I am one of the parents that don’t know how much water the kids should be drinking a day, and although I am lucky and the Monkey and Mouse don’t moan about the taste of water – we all consider it a bit boring.  When I …

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Oct 10

A Boat Ride at Rutland Water

You know that we visited Land’s End recently in Oakham in Rutland and that they treated us to a ride on the Rutland Belle, the boat that takes you around Rutland Water. We have visited Rutland Water before but never been on the water – the Monkey and the Mouse were so excited to be …

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Sep 30

Alphabet Photo

I have had my open for the perfect B photo this week and I found it aboard the Rutland Belle; we were lucky to spend some time with Lands End and some bloggers on Saturday (a day you will hear more about in another post) and they treated to us to a ride on the …

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May 19

Alphabet Photo

The alphabet photo post this week brings you S, I really enjoy linking up to the Alphabet photo linky over on the PodCast blog; it means that I look through old photos and re-live lots of memoriesI love this photo; I am not being big headed, i don’t think it is necessarily a technically  good …

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May 28

C is for……. #Alphabetphoto

To continue with PodCast’s lovely alphabet theme, this week we have C is for………… ……………Cave! I love this photo, I know it doesn’t show much really; a bit of blue water and a cave, but I love it! It was taken on a boat trip that hubby (or boyfriend as he was then) and I took …

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Sep 29

Silent Sunday and My Sunday Photo

Apr 15

‘Wet February’ – BRITA Hydration Challenge Update!

Do you remember when I posted my ‘Wet February’ Post? Remember how I took up the challenge to drink the recommended amount of water? Well, this is the post that tells you how it went! So, Brita sent me over a Marella Filter Jug to use at home and a Fill & Go bottle for …

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Feb 17

‘Wet February’ – BRITA Hydration Challenge

February is that month that people tend to lose sight of their healthy New Years Resolutions, hide away from the cold wintery feeling that comes just before spring and use comfort food as the only way forward! Add to this the fact that I came down hard with the flu this week and it is …

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