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Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine‏ Review

You may have noticed (especially if you follow me over on Twitter) that I am partial to a glass of wine; my favourite thing to do is to cook a nice meal and share a glass of wine or two with friends. It is difficult for me and the hubby to share a bottle of …

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A Year in Photos

I am a little behind with the round ups of the Year in Photos – there is a very good reason; we have decided to move house. It is happening quite quickly so time is full at the minute. In the midst of the packing I have a chance to do some posts – there …

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A Gift for me!

Today I received a gift! As some of you know I like a glass (or two) of red wine but I don’t know a lot about wine. I know I like South African Red Wine best but there are many out there I don’t know anything about! The gift I received this morning will change …

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