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Feb 19

Writer’s Block

The blog has been quiet recently and over the last few months I know my posts have been sporadic. Unfortunately something happened in the real world that had an impact on our lives and my mind….this led to blogger’s block. Bloggers block that has meant many a times I have sat and not know what …

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Sep 15

Parragon Stationary Review

I am a self-confessed stationary addict, I literally cant help but get excited like a child in a sweet shop when I find some new stationary that I love. So, I was super excited to see that Parragon have started to do Stationary! I love receiving a book each month for Monkey and Mouse to …

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Oct 01

Sixty Word Story

Throwing pieces of paper in the direction of the bin!  That’s what Lily had been doing for six hours. Would get so many words in, and not like it, make a mistake or give up!  She never thought it would be this hard; it was a bit of fun, just a laugh! Why couldn’t she …

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Sep 03

Sixty Word Story for a Saturday!

One, two, it’s me and you Three, four, we are on the floor Five, six, the clock ticks Seven, eight, we are laying straight Nine, ten, don’t know when Ten, Nine, we are feeling fine Eight, seven, almost in heaven Six, Five, we’re barely alive Four, three, the pressure is on me Two, one and …

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