Teething….the final leg?!

So we have been through teething before, we know what it entails, we have legs; a 3 (4 next week!!) year old who has all his teeth, so we went though it with him, we were eased in, front teeth, some crying, some rosy cheeks – but bongela worked and Calpol was a sanity saviour! As the bigger teeth came through we had more rosy cheeks, more crying and a couple of temperatures, bongela stopped working, but Calpol still saved the day!

For the last big bad teeth, it was slightly more difficult, but we got through it quickly , a couple of days and they were done!

Added to this we have mouse (2 next week!!) who has all but four of her teeth, so we have done the rosy cheeks, crying and temperatures again and we have been fine! But…….the four teeth that are left are the dreaded ‘pain in the mouth’ back ones and they are taking their time! We have had a day here and a day there of rosy cheeks and proper pained crying!

But the last three days have been full of it, medicine, temperature and lots of cuddles (the ones where you wonder if you are helping or not!).  So my plea for today is, come on teeth, hurry up and stop torturing my daughter! 


    • mummyglitzer on March 16, 2012 at 21:44
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    I am absolutely dreading these! H is 2 in May, only has the four back teeth to come through and really, teething has been a breeze with him. Aside from the first few we didn’t even notice he WAS teething until teeth popped through!

    I hope they come through soon! x

      • Kelly on March 16, 2012 at 21:48
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      Thank you! I have to say with Legs it was a lot easier, medicine seemed to work, which it doesn’t always for Mouse – Bongela has never worked with her, we even tried granuals, but no joy there either!

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