Mar 05

That’s it!

Anyone else have them days where you just think – that’s it, I’ve had enough, I give up! Well today is that day for me!

After a month of illness, me with Labyrithitis, both kids with conjunctivitis, followed by two migraines for hubby and some colds! Last night we were up all night with Baby mouse being sick!

So That’s It! I have had enough, I give up, any more to send our way?


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  1. Multiple Mummy

    You poor thing! I can totally understand why you feel this way, but this is really the last winter month, get it all out your systems and look forward to a great summer with brilliant immune systems!

    I have woken up with ear ache today, which is not quite the same thing as you I am sure, but I wanted to chop my ear off! Ibruprofen has helped a little but it has made me not want to do anything today and it is just one day!

    Please don’t give up. The problem with family is there are so many, someone always seems to be ill!

    Take advantage of a duvet day, all snuggle up and put on a disney movie and eat chocolate! Alaways makes me feel better! xx

    1. Kelly

      Thank you!
      Hope you get better soon xx

  2. Lizzie

    Just keep thinkin it can’t get any worse! Try and keep smiling sweety 🙂

    1. Kelly

      Thanks, I am trying to smile through it, but had to get it off my chest! 🙂

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